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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Charlotte
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Holistic & Evidence Based Treatment Modalities

At Southeastern Recovery Center, we understand the benefits of using holistic healing modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients develop cognitive skills to better approach & manage their craving to use drugs and alcohol. When individuals embark on a CBT program at our treatment center, our primary focus revolves around gaining an in-depth understanding of each client's unique background and life experiences. Subsequently, we tailor a personalized program that is specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

Our team of therapists collaborate directly with clients to identify and address harmful behavior patterns linked to substance abuse, which may include avoidance or denial of issues and challenges coping with stressors without the use of drugs or alcohol. As clients progress through this process, they acquire valuable coping strategies such as problem-solving skills and mindfulness techniques. These newfound coping mechanisms empower them to effectively manage potential triggers that may arise even after the completion of their treatment.

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Why We Offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy!

At Southeastern Recovery Center, we incorporate CBT into our treatment model to enhance the level of care clients receive while at our facility. CBT is extremely beneficial when treating both mental health & addiction and increases the chances of clients reaching our common goal of long term sobriety. Benefits of CBT include:

cbt therapy for addiction in charlotte

Were Not Your Average Addiction Treatment Center

In traditional addiction treatment programs, the emphasis is frequently limited to physical detoxification and perhaps some broad psychological counseling. However, CBT enhances the recovery process by specifically targeting the mental and emotional factors that often underlie addiction. This individualized approach enables our therapists to collaborate closely with each client, identifying their unique triggers and formulating personalized strategies to control cravings and prevent relapse.

Integrating CBT into our therapeutic regimen recognizes that addiction is more than just a physical issue; it's a complicated mix of psychological, emotional, and behavioral elements. This fits seamlessly with our holistic philosophy, complementing other treatments such as mindfulness practices, group therapy, and nutritional counseling, to offer a multi-faceted, comprehensive approach to recovery.

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